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Rode NT4 + ZOOM H1 + Samsung TL350/WB2000, Classical Guitar Music Recording Test

This is a classical guitar music recording test using the following devices.

Microphone: Rode NT4 Stereo Condenser Microphone (9V battery)

Digital recorder: Zoom H1 (MP3 format, 44.1kHz, 192 Kbps, stereo, input level: 90)

Digital camera: Samsung TL350 / WB2000 (video resolution: 1280 x 720 @30p)

Classical guitar: ROMERIGO 01, 罗美里哥 01(2008试制版)

Nylon classical guitar strings: Augustine Imperials Red, Medium Tension

Absolutely NO sound effects!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Rode NT4 stereo microphone & ZOOM H1 digital recorder

Rode NT4 stereo microphone & ZOOM H1 digital recorder

Use a DC9V battery as power supply for my Rode NT4 condenser microphone. There is only one ON/OFF switch on this microphone.

Connect Rode NT4 microphone to the line-in jack of my ZOOM H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder. The internal stereo XY microphone from ZOOM H1 is disabled as soon as the line-in jack is occupied.

Put the digital camera, Samsung TL350/WB2000, close enough so that I can reach the start recording button without leaving my chair.

  • Set Samsung TL350/WB2000 video resolution to 1280 x 720 @30p.
  • Set the Rode NT4 XY microphone head about 0.5 meter (around 20 inches) away from the sound hole of my guitar.
  • Set the input level of ZOOM H1 to 90.

I use an earphone connect to the ZOOM H1 output jack so that I can monitor the audio in real time

Download 下载:  

>> Download MP3 audio file (Rode NT4 microphone + ZOOM H1 digital recorder):  Rode_NT4_ZOOM_H1_44KHz_192kbps.mp3 14MB
>> Download MP3 audio file (Samsung TL350/WB2000 digital camera):  Samsung_TL350_sound.mp3 14MB
>> Download MP4 original video file:  20101003_NT4_480p_2M_44k_256.mp4 163MB


4 comments to Rode NT4 + ZOOM H1 + Samsung TL350/WB2000, Classical Guitar Music Recording Test

  • tojoyno1

    Hi,joeno1,it’s long time that I haven’t visit your classical guitar wonderland, haha.
    Here I have some technical problems about recording music of classical guitar.You here use Microphone Rode NT4 plus digital recorder ZOOM H1 to work but whether could I only use ZOOM H1 to record the piece and if there is something different between these two ways especially in sound quality or others.
    And recently I am going to buy ZOOM Q3HD ,it can record sound and HD video.But if I wanna to record the whole piture of the player by video recorder ,the distance I think may be larger than the one the sound recorder function requires.So my question is that which is the best way to record: a sound recorder + video recorder separately or a machine can record those two such as ZOOM Q3HD?

    • Hi tojoyno1,

      Thanks for visiting my wonderland. :)

      Sorry about the late reply. I didn’t see you comment until I saw the next one…

      The answer of your question:

      1. Yes, you can only use ZOOM H1 to record the music. The recording from H1 microphone is very clear. That’s it. Rode NT4 is a much more expensive microphone. The recording from NT4 is warmer and fuller. It sounds more real.

      2. ZOOM Q3HD is a time saver, very convenient. Record full HD video with ZOOM H1 sound quality. I have some Q3HD video samples on YouTube.
      If you don’t mind using video editing software, using separate recording devices gives you more flexibility.


  • Amazing audio quality. Congrats!

    But, can i ask you the name of the song you play at 06:18? Its driving me crazy to find this song!!


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