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Samsung TL350/WB2000 Digital Camera 1080p HD Video And Photo Sample

I’m not a photographer, not even camera savvy. From a regular end user’s point of view, Samsung TL350 is an excellent digital camera. I’ll say it’s ultra compact HD camcorder too because my main purpose of buying this camera is taking videos. See my photo and video gallery: Here are some Pros, Cons, Tips […]


A Brand New Guitar, Greg Smallman 2010, Grand Opening

This is a brand new Greg Smallman 2010 guitar. It’s shipped directly by the luthier, Greg Smallman, from Australia to Los Angeles.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="the guitar, Smallman 2010"]Greg Smallman 2010[/caption] [youtube][/youtube]

Party with Friends on Sunday, Classical Guitar Quartet

Classical Guitar Quartet Left 1: Dr. Chia (Guitar: Asturias, 11-string alto-guitar. The extra base strings are all 6th strings on a regular guitar.) Left 2: Joe ( Guitar: ROMERIGO 01, 罗美里哥 01(2008试制版) Strings: LaBella 2001 Classical MHT ) Left 3: Angelo (Guitar: Esteve) Left 4: Jimmy (Guitar: Ramirez 1A) The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) “It is never right to play ‘rag […]


Live: Gabriel Bianco, OCGC Featured Artist Recital

OCGC Featured Artist Recital Performed by Gabriel Bianco Chapman University, Orange, California, USA February 20, 2010 Chapman University, Orange, California, USA February 20, 2010 Guitarist: Gabriel Bianco (2008 GFA Winner) Microphone: Sony ECM-MS907 + Sony MD, MZ-RH910 The microphone is placed at the back of this lecture hall. I put it on the floor at the […]


Live: Moonlight (Fernando Sor), Classical Guitar Duet, 【月光】二重奏

A sentimental melody is added to the famous study in B minor by Fernando Sor. Angelo and I performed Moonlight duet on OCGC showcase recital at Chapman University on October 17, 2009. Here are the settings of this recording: Left: Joe Guitar: ROMERIGO 01, 罗美里哥 01(2008试制版) Strings: LaBella 2001 Classical MHT (I put the strings on my guitar […]