The Most Ridiculous English-Chinese Translation in Marketplace

Before July 4th holiday, I went to Ralphs to buy some vegetable and fresh fruits. When I saw this sign, “PLEASE NO CORN CLEANING,” I was speechless.


Live: July 3rd Party, Classical Guitar Solo & Quartet

barbeque, beer, chat, play the guitar, solo & quartet..


Party with Friends on Sunday, Classical Guitar Quartet

Classical Guitar Quartet Left 1: Dr. Chia (Guitar: Asturias, 11-string alto-guitar. The extra base strings are all 6th strings on a regular guitar.) Left 2: Joe ( Guitar: ROMERIGO 01, 罗美里哥 01(2008试制版) Strings: LaBella 2001 Classical MHT ) Left 3: Angelo (Guitar: Esteve) Left 4: Jimmy (Guitar: Ramirez 1A) The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) “It is never right to play ‘rag […]


OMG! I got H1N1.

I visited my doctor last week. He told me that I got H1N1. It almost scared me to death… The prescription drug I got is as following: TAMIFLU - (oseltamivir phosphate) Capsules, 75 mg each capsule. Take one capsule by mouth twice a day. AMOXICILLIN 250mg capsule, take 1 capsule 3 times a day. ACEPAMINOPHEN 500mg […]


Bought a New Car, Nissan Versa, during Memorial Day Sale

2009 Versa Sedan 1.8 S

My nephew did, not me:) He just got his driver’s license. This is his frist car for his college commute.

We spent a whole afternoon looking for a new basic model car, like Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic & Nissan Versa. We got it at the last stop.

It was not a super deal, but fair. We spent more than $1’500 to double the manufacture warranty from 3 years to 6 years. So, after $2’500 discount, plus tax and other fees, the total was about $15’700.

This is a small car. But the good thing is that it’s pretty fuel efficient, about 24 miles/galon in city and 32 miles/galon on highway.

外甥刚拿到驾驶执照(还是临时的)就准备买车了,用于上大学代步。今天早上收集了一些报纸上的广告,再上网作了些市场调查。下午跑到丰田、本田、日产几家专卖店,分别试过丰田的09花冠,本田的09思域、07雅阁(二手),在最后一站才找到性价比比较合理的,日产09骐达:自排,四缸1.8升,空调,电动门窗后镜,电台+CD,安全气囊,四轮自动防抱死系统。加 9.25%税与上牌等手续费,再把3年的厂家保修翻倍到6年,合计约美元$15’700。

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Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles Area 经历一次5.0级地震

Location: City of Alhambra

Time: About 8:40PM

I was surfing the web. I heard that the window in my room was making noise. I felt the ground shaked for a few seconds. I shouted, “Earthquake!” and gathered all my family members in the middle of the living room. I was a relatively open area and there was nothing but the roof on top of us. Nothing happened after that.

According to the news from REUTERS,

Magnitude 5.0
Lasted 10 to 15 seconds
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