Support Blackout! Don’t Censor the Web

Tell Congress: We’ve seen the made in China Great Wall. We don’t want the made in USA Great SOPA. Do you want your people feel like living in China? Let’s support blackout. Check out Google’s blackout logo now!


How to Link or Unlink a Google Account from a YouTube Account

In the old days (a few years ago,) YouTube accounts were different from Google accounts. That was true even after Google acquired YouTube with 1.65 billion in stock. A YouTube user used a set of user name and password to log in, where the same user used a separate set of user name and password to […]


Gmail is Down!!! Coffee Time~

My company is email system is based on Google’s popular email application, Gmail. It has been down for about an hour this afternoon. After I received a customer’s phone call around 1PM this afternoon(Los Angeles, Pacific time), I checked my email from this customer.  I could see the new email title, but I couldn’t get […]


What is Twitter? Twitter in Plain English 中文翻译

Chinese translation 中文翻译:

“你在做啥啊?” 这是我们通常遇到亲戚朋友时问的第一个问题。

即使答案只是:“正在剪草” 或者 “正在煮饭”,我们都感兴趣。

这使我们感到关怀,我们是互相生活中的一部分。(图:“Yum!” -> “好吃!”)




你的朋友并不需要知道这些。(图:“?” -> “这人有毛病?”)



这就是:“Twitter in Plain English” … ….


An Interesting Warning Produced by Google’s Browser, Chrome

It happens when I click on some of the links on the following page,

I think these links are safe. The problem is, is using https URLs, but the SSL certificate is invalid. What a pitiful bug!


Ways to Download Flash Videos from Any Website


Very easy. No software is needed! Simply visit this website. Paste the URL. Click on “Fetch It”. You got it!

简单!无需安装任何软件,访问以上网址,贴入视频网址,按“Fetch It”即可。


Download RealPlayer from Google’s offical site. It’s absolutely free!!!

After you installed this RealPlayer, move your mouse on the flash video you want, download is a breeze! Check out the following screen shot.

使用 Google 官方提供的免费软件——RealPlayer,下载 flash 网站的视频易如反掌,只需将鼠标移至 flash 视频上即可下载!

… …