Ways to Download Flash Videos from Any Website


Very easy. No software is needed! Simply visit this website. Paste the URL. Click on “Fetch It”. You got it!

简单!无需安装任何软件,访问以上网址,贴入视频网址,按“Fetch It”即可。


Download RealPlayer from Google’s offical site. It’s absolutely free!!!

After you installed this RealPlayer, move your mouse on the flash video you want, download is a breeze! Check out the following screen shot.

使用 Google 官方提供的免费软件——RealPlayer,下载 flash 网站的视频易如反掌,只需将鼠标移至 flash 视频上即可下载!

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Maria Luisa (Julio Salvador Sagreras)-1, Classical Guitar Solo

Composer: Julio Salvador Sagreras

Guitar: Stephan Schlemper 2003

String: Galli Titanium treble, GR65 bass (normal tension)

Microphone: Sony ECM-MS907

This video was recorded in Joe’s bedroom in Los Angeles, California on April 12, 2008.

(my 1st try)


Romance de Amor【爱的罗曼史】吉他二重奏, Classical Guitar Duet

A friends gathering in Guangzhou, China on new year’s day in 2003, the weather was so cold, but the feeling was so warm. That was a unforgettable moment.

Guitar 1 (right): Tony
Guitar 2 (left): Joe

2003 年元旦,下班后到广州市解放路的美德琴行聚会,结交广州的琴友。虽然天气很冷,琴行里没有暖气,但聚会琴友的热情温暖着每个人的心。

Sheet music download(乐谱下载):

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