Party with Friends on Sunday, Classical Guitar Quartet

Classical Guitar Quartet Left 1: Dr. Chia (Guitar: Asturias, 11-string alto-guitar. The extra base strings are all 6th strings on a regular guitar.) Left 2: Joe ( Guitar: ROMERIGO 01, 罗美里哥 01(2008试制版) Strings: LaBella 2001 Classical MHT ) Left 3: Angelo (Guitar: Esteve) Left 4: Jimmy (Guitar: Ramirez 1A) The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) “It is never right to play ‘rag […]


Romance de Amor【爱的罗曼史】吉他二重奏, Classical Guitar Duet

A friends gathering in Guangzhou, China on new year’s day in 2003, the weather was so cold, but the feeling was so warm. That was a unforgettable moment.

Guitar 1 (right): Tony
Guitar 2 (left): Joe

2003 年元旦,下班后到广州市解放路的美德琴行聚会,结交广州的琴友。虽然天气很冷,琴行里没有暖气,但聚会琴友的热情温暖着每个人的心。

Sheet music download(乐谱下载):

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