Setup Printer Server, A Step-by-step Tutorial

This is a step-by-step tutorial of setting up regular printers on a printer server.

The printer server I use for this demonstration is a DPR-1260, D-Link RangeBooster G™ Multifunction Print Server. It’s a both wireless and wired printer server which can connect up to 4 printers using USB connection.

The printer I use for this demonstration is a HP Color LaserJet 2600n. This printer is NOT in the compatible list of printer server, DPR-1260. That means the setup wizard from the printer server does NOT work on this printer. However, this tutorial will provide a much more general way of setting up any printer on a printer server.

The operating system I use for this demonstration is a Microsoft Windows® XP.

I assume that you

know how to setup a single printer to work with your computer
know how to connect and configure the printer server to the router (That requires a little bit TCP/IP knowledge or just read through the user manuals of the printer server and router. It shouldn’t be very difficult.)
Let’s get started.


Use “Tab” Key under DOS Console to Autofill File & Directory Names

“Tab” key is the most useful and powerful key under DOS console in MS Windows XP.

This key is simply a DOS version of “Lazy Susan”. It saves you a lot of typing. Especially, it rescues you from typing errors and frustration.

If you get used to use “doskey.exe” under DOS console, you might also love to use “Tab” key.

Doskey is a default function loaded under Dos console in MS Windows XP. You can use up and down arrow key to roll back and forth from a list of commands you have entered in the past.

Tab is also a default function loaded under the same environment. You can use the “Tab” key to roll through the names of the files and directories (folders) under your current directory.

Before I show you an example, let’s locate this useful key first.
… …